Lake sound one
This is the sound of Nimpo Lake as it is freezing up in early winter. You will actually hear me chuckle
from up on our front deck where I was standing and recording with the camera, and hear Andy state,
"That was right under me!" on the recording because he was standing on the ice when the sound
rebounded after it cracked. The high sound that sounds like a jet going overhead a long ways away,
is actually the ice. I think it may be caused by an airspace between ice and water underneath...or not.
Who knows?
I hope you are all able to hear this anyway. If not, please let me know by going back to Home
and using the contact button on the left hand navigation. I'm new to this so I can use all the help I can get!

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Mountain behind still  waters of Anahim Lake

Lake sound One 911KB

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