Lake Sound Four - Spring Break up

The sound of the ice on Nimpo Lake is entirely different in the spring than it is when the ice is growing in the fall.
By now, the ice is established and can be anywhere from 21" to 36" thick in places. These sounds can be heard
all winter if there are vast day time and night time temperature differences. This is when the surface of the ice is
warming up under the sun during the day, and chilling quickly at night. Invision an ice cube dropped into a warm
drink or holding the ice cube tray under warm water. The splitting and cracking in the ice cube that occurs is happening
constantly in the lake ice as it stresses. A seven mile long lake with several long bays and islands creates a lot of
stress in the ice, especially when warm melt water starts to enter the lake via streams in the spring. The result is
a constant low rumbling and the sound of ice splitting in the mornings, early evenings as the ice cools again, and
often throughout the night if the air temperature is droppng quickly.

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Nimpo Lake just after break up.

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