Nimpo Lake - Lake Sounds

For a few years now I have been trying to describe on the blog what Nimpo Lake sounds like when freezing up in the
fall and the different sound it makes when the ice starts to crack in the spring when there are wide and varied
temperature differences. Unfortunately, describing the sounds and actually hearing them are two different things.

The only way that you will be able to hear the sounds of the lake under ice is if you have an external speaker system.
I have tried listening to these sounds on my lap top through its speaker and can hear nothing. But if I use my external
speakers (plugged into the computer using a jack) with volume and wave (you'll find the controls when you click on the
little speaker icon on your desktop or task bar) up to maximum, the lake sounds are awesome and eerie. Put head
phones on for maximum effect.

The sounds that the ice makes when it grows going into winter are high pitched and sound much like you would imagine
an alien ship to sound. Or, listen closely, and you may find the sounds akin to whale song. In the spring, on the other
hand, the lake ice makes an entirely different sound. Low pitched grumbling, groaning and muttering that I have often
compared to far off mortar fire or drums with the occasional shuffling noise ice makes when a whole shelf of it cracks
and drops away from the rest of the lake ice.

Below is a mixture of fall and spring ice sounds and clicking onto the icon will take you to a separate page
where I do my best to describe what it is. Some of these are large downloads so pay attention to the size
listed. I'm only learning to use the video on my camera and really am not sure which is the best sound format
to convert to, so you may see a mixture of mp3, avi and .wav formats. Please give me some feedback on what
format works best for you over all.

Media player icon. Pelicans take off of Anahim Lake after break up Media player icon
Ice Up! Lake sound One 911 KB
Ice Up! Lake sound Two 440 KB
Clear glassy waters of Wilderness Lake Media player icon Junker Lake with sawtoothed mountains in the background
Lake sound Three 1.26 MB
Media player icon Winter pinks of Nimpo Lake Media player icon
Lake sound Four
Lake sound Five

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