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Wilderness Adventures - August, Week 1/2008

This is about a remote area in west central British Columbia, Canada called the West Chilcotin. Surrounded by numerous glacial mountain ranges, alpine lakes teeming with wild Rainbow Trout, and full of wildlife. Living here goes from no running water or electricity to spacious log homes with all the conveniences and without the smog!
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07/08/2008 7:45 PM

California Smokin'!

We've some bad air quality today and apparently it is the smoke from California's fires that we're seeing. I actually had a call from a couple of people last night wondering where the fire was. The Cariboo Fire Center couldn't pinpoint anything even though they were looking, but given how heavy the haze becomes the later in the day it gets, it's no surprise. I sympathize with their people in their bird dogs and lookout stations. It probably seems as though they're looking down on a fog layer and unless you had a smoke plume or some really big flames penetrate that layer, I don't think they've a snowball's chance in hell of seeing a small fire. Or a large one for that matter.
My favorite weatherman commented this morning that the haze everyone was seeing in Vancouver was high altitude smoke from the California wildfires. Since Vancouver is at sea level, I suppose it might be high altitude for them. But for us at over 3600 feet, it's right on the deck, and we can see the smoke between us and the island or far shore and the mountains are all but obscured again this evening. Other than the difficulty it's causing the Fire Center, it's okay with me. It just amazes me that we can be so affected by a fire two and a half States and half a province away. It just goes to show you that countries that don't clean up their act regarding air pollution in the next half century are capable of affecting every corner of the world with their poor air quality.
Speaking of would seem that China has failed their air quality test. While their testers claimed an 88 today, an independent Canadian air test put it at 100. So not only did they not keep their promise when they made a bid for the Olympics regarding cleaning up their air pollution (not to mention improving on their human rights record, which they have not) but they are lying about the air quality results. Is anyone surprised? No, I didn't think so. I just feel really bad for the poor athletes that have to breathe that stuff. And I'm sorry Mr. and Mrs. Media, but I don't figure our Prime Minister has to go the Olympics any more than I do. So get off his back! Tthere may be things I don't like about Stephen Harper, but to give him credit, he doesn't pander to China like so many of the gutless puddles of gel that lead other countries that not only pander to China but would end up with broken noses if the leader of that country ever stopped too quickly.
There were two bears shot in two days in the same general area of Coquitlam down on the Lower Mainland. For anyone that didn't see the news item, a woman was mauled in her back yard while gardening and is in serious condition. The bear was shot. Today a golfer watched a large cinnamon colored bear climb through a window into a basement suite and then back out a little later. He climbed up a tree and when shot, charged officers so they finally killed him. Apparently he had been a menace in that neighbourhood for some time, so no loss there.
According to conservation officers, there just isn't a lot of food in the bush for the bears this year and so they're coming into town where there is garbage, bird feeders and in the case of the renter in the basement suite, groceries newly bought and sitting on his counter. With an open window and the smell of food, why wouldn't the bear help himself? Well actually, most wouldn't. Most fear people but this one had been around for some time and no longer had a fear of man.
One thing that PO'd me about the news item about the woman that was mauled was that the commentator stated there was no such thing as a predator bear that eats humans, and so that was not the reason it was in her garden. I have no idea why the bear was in her garden other than she had peanuts and seeds out for birds which is a draw, but there is no doubt in my mind that there is such a thing as a predator bear. Too many studies of too many predatory bear attacks show that there are indeed bears that deliberately hunt and eat humans for food. Not to mention people that I have known personally that have had their encounters of bears stalking them. Check out Encounter with Bears where I did a series on what I consider to be the three types of bear and the danger that each brings with it. Most of that third week of September is about the bears and then if you go on to the fourth week, you'll find the next two articles.
Today we got lucky with our weather. While it was supposed to change, and we did get some clouds, it was still in the 70's today and there was a warm wind. There have been a few big, puffy thunderheads building in the direction of Prince George and Williams Lake and I suspect they'll get the worst of the dry lightning storms. There is a system moving in from the south, and another low moving in from the west due to hit the coast tonight or tomorrow. Those two fronts colliding could definitely cause a problem.
It was too hot to go for a long walk with the dogs today so we went fishing all afternoon instead. We didn't get so much as a hint of a bite until we entered our little back bay. Then I had a big one shake himself loose, we each scored some bites, a couple little ones that we threw back, and we each brought in a nice one. I would have liked more than two fish because we were going to be doing some experimenting, but two worked. We both wanted to learn how to fillet trout and since we knew our inexperience would probably create waste, we figured we just might need more than two fish to get a meal, but it actually worked out quite well. There was some meat left on the bones that we cooked up for the cats, but our fillets did turn out to be quite respectable looking. I expect we'll get better with practice. One great thing about being out on the lake is the different perspective. And you can get some really great shots of floatplanes taking off, of which there were actually quite a few today.
I went for a walk tonight and scared up three baby grouse but no sign of our local bear. I think he might be around though the way the dogs were sniffing in places. I did meet a young couple with a baby in one of those open topped Rangers on the back trail that looked surprised to see us. I suppose they thought they were on Safari and might see wild animals. Perhaps in the interest of tourism, the dogs and I should be dressed up as three bears and a moose or something. Wouldn't our wildlife get a kick out of that! The squirrels would laugh themselves silly.

06/08/2008 8:47 PM

Four Day Run

Hi everyone. Sorry about not writing yesterday but I was outside all day. Four days in a row now that we've had clear skies and scorching weather. And I'm still loving it! It's getting a little harder to keep the house cool but fortunately last night it dropped down to 6C or about 41F degrees so it was cool enough in the house this morning that the furnace kicked in. As long as it keeps cooling down quite a bit at night, hot weather can go on forever and it never gets that uncomfortable in the house. It's when it stays warm through the night and it's windless that the house can get pretty hot after a week or two of warm weather. But we haven't seen weather like that since the summer of the Lonesome Lake Fire in 2004.
It got up to 27.5C or well over 80F yesterday out here, but it was a whole lot warmer in town! Andy had to go into Williams Lake yesterday and it ranged from 34C or 90F to 37C or over 95F. Since he had the pup with him for a vet appointment, he actually had to ask them to keep her for the afternoon while he went for an appointment of his own. It was just too hot to leave her in the back of the truck, even if it does have a canopy.
Today a breeze came up and a lot of smoke moved in over the mountains and even between us and the shore on the other side of the lake. Even though this was supposed to be the hottest day, I think that the haze was the reason it wasn't for us. I'm not sure where the smoke came from but I do know our weather is coming in from the south right now. My Mom in Hood River, Oregon was commenting that they couldn't see a thing because of the smoke coming in from the forest fires in California. The last time she said that, we were blanketed in smoke as well. I don't know if it's coincidence, or if it's actually possible that we would get California smoke. More likely that it's a fire somewhere within 300 miles or so of us. However, Andy was talking to my sister yesterday who works up at the Caribou Fire Center and they had nothing for fires in the region up until that point, anyway. That may not last for long since they're predicting lightening storms in a couple of days. In any case, wherever the smoke is coming from, it's moving fast. We've gone from only a light haze in front of the mountains this morning to where you can barely make out their outline this evening.
The smoke must be keeping the temperature up as well. It's nine o'clock, the sun has just gone down, there's still a breeze, and it's still 21C or about 70F degrees. That's pretty darn warm for this time of night. We've been visiting our neighbours out on the deck this evening and it's been quite warm and pleasant. Oh, and not a mosquito in sight but then we're only a few feet away from the mosquito magnet. However, in the shade today, especially on the trail in the woods in damp areas, the mozzies were definitely still alive and well. Judging from the way water levels are dropping in all of the meadows and just as they are drying up, I suspect the last larvae on the ground is hatching out and that's where this last blast of mosquitoes is coming from. Unless it turns rainy, this should be the last of any numbers of them.
We saw a strange sight this evening. Having returned from the other end of the lake we were nearly home on our road when we passed a female, presumably tourist, walking at a good rate along our road outfitted in the standard exercise gear, including spandex type leggings. But what got us was the earphones in her ears and Ipod or some sort of player in her hand. We both had to kind of wonder at that.
I always thought that if you went into nature, even for exercise, you might want to hear nature. I guess we're kind of weird. When we take the dogs for a walk on the road and in the woods, it's not just for their benefit, it's for our exercise as well. But while doing so, we like to listen to the birds, the loons, watch for hawks, their kills, and tracks and other sign of all our local creatures. And whether there is a bear around or not, I definitely don't have music plugging my ears. At the gym, yes. Here, no. Since this particular visitor probably came from the resort on our road, I'm surprised the owner wouldn't have warned her that there is a bear around as there often is. He has a pit in which he disposes of fish skins and such and to which the bears have beat a regular path over the years. In fact, one of our neighbours that has been around for years has always called it the bear path. I'm cautious when I go by it and our dogs have strayed down there for the odd piece of skin of their own, but that's often the spot where they get most excited over scent on the trail. So walking just a few hundred yards from there without the ability to hear doesn't make sense to me. But then, I've probably done foolish things in other people's territory that they know well, and about which I have no clue. So I guess I have to give the visitor the benefit of the doubt. Still.....
Just one last thing. We got a chance to check out a new little eatery in Anahim Lake tonight. It's Donna's Place across from Mclean's Trading and with seating for only 16 people it's not large, but you can always do take out as we did. We took our burgers down to the North end of Nimpo Lake and had them on the ramp while watching a loon fish. They were homemade and excellent as were the onion rings. Since those were pretty good we'll check out something else next time. So if you're in the neighbourhood and wanting a short order meal, we can certainly recommend what we've eaten so far. Besides, it's always nice to see some more variety in the area.

04/08/2008 7:57 PM


Wow Whee! We had one heck of a hot day today and it's supposed to be hotter yet tomorrow and Wednesday. Blue, blue sky with nary a cloud today and just enough breeze to keep it from being miserable. I don't know what it got up to today but even at 8:00 tonight it's still over 22C or about 75F degrees. The one weather man that I like that's sometimes on TV when the regular dip is away is an actual meteorologist and seems to be bang on when it comes to the weather most of the time. He indicated that some hot spots in BC might hit 40C or 105 degrees Fahrenheit by Wednesday. That's pretty high for anywhere in this province. But that's okay. Bring it on! I love it! Even if I did end up with a bit of a headache from being out in the sun too much today. I'll take the sun and the heat over anything else any day. It must come from being born in Arizona.
At least everything around here has perked right up and started growing. Between that little mini heat wave from over a week ago, and this one, we might actually be able to claim we're having a summer. My veggies finally woke up and it looks like I might actually have a cucumber big enough to eat sometime in the next week or two, and I've been speaking encouraging words to my zucchini every day. We had a nice feed of Swiss Chard last night cooked up with side pork similar to the way my Dad used to make it......mmmm. Dietary too!
Yeah, right....:-)
Andy looked up some search terms for this site on two main search engines tonight and it looks like the thief that stole my site (last week's blog) is starting to drop in the search results. Thank heavens. Maybe there's some justice after all. It would seem that those two engines have responded to the copyright complaints faxed to them. Hopefully he'll continue to drop right out of sight. I'll give it another few days and then do checks on all the search engines I sent letters to for my test keywords. Even if I do get rid of him completely, it will still have cost me time and made him money in the past year. But the upside is that I've learned a very valuable lesson. Stay more alert and do more regular checks on the 'Net to see if anyone has duplicated my content.
It sounds like the Charlotte Lake Days have gone really well and it turns out that our Richard from up at the store is an eagle eyed sharp shooter when it comes to the clay shoot. Even though he's never shot 'pigeons' before. I think we're going to have to take that boy hunting this fall! He sure is amazing. He'd only ever been on a snowmachine once before buying one last winter, and he was already a better rider than most of us by the first trip up Trumpeter, and his girlfriend is very nearly as good.
It must be nice to be young with a good sense of balance, fast reflexes, and muscles that still work the way they're supposed to. I wouldn't know about the first because I can trip over the pattern in the rug, and my muscles stopped working the way they're supposed to a long, long time ago. They complain bitterly to me every day, especially on a day like today where I'm working outside the whole time.
I had to laugh reading an article last night where a doctor indicated that the best way to avoid arthritis is to avoid injuring your joints when young. Yeah, right. We're all invincible when we're young, remember? Even if I had believed a doctor that said that, it still would not have stopped me from beating up my body throughout my youth, nor would it any other person under 30. Beating up your body is what you do when you're young. Have fun now, pay later. Jeez, that's kind of like the North American consumer philosophy of the past decade and look where that got us!

03/08/2008 8:51 PM

BC Day

Happy long weekend to those of you still celebrating British Columbia's 150th birthday. I can't imagine anyone complaining about today at all. It was absolutely breathtaking with blue skies and warm temperatures. A big high pressure system has moved in and parked off the coast bringing really nice weather for the next few days.
We were supposed to clear out yesterday but it was a pretty iffy day until around supper time when the weather actually smartened right up. Which was kind of nice because we were having friends over for barbecue and planned on eating outside. It worked out really nicely, actually.
That bit of rain I talked about on Thursday evening turned into an all night drizzle that amounted to 2 1/2 cm (25mm) or a full inch of rain. And man, did we need it! It just perked things right up and aside from clearing the air, it just cleaned up everything. All the vegetation looks bright, fresh, and green again instead of just plain dusty. It was pretty cool that night and since I didn't know it was going to rain all night, I covered my veggies, that's how cold it was. As a result that same rain dropped fresh snow on the mountains. Of course it had melted by afternoon, but still....Snow on the mountains on the first of August!
In any case, the rain was a blessing because it looks like we're going to heat up for a few days so at least now the chances of a forest fire have been reduced.
Our neighbours went out fishing today and caught a whole mess of huge fish, so we've got to get our butts out there! I wouldn't have thought the fishing would be as good as it was in today's heat, but on this lake, sometimes I think you can get fish just about anytime.
Has anyone noticed that the Canadian Time Magazine has become extremely weenie? Or is it just me? My Mom happened to have one in her truck that she gave me before heading south again. It felt awfully light but I thought maybe they had gone to a thinner paper. Of course it went into our favorite reading room and I was really enjoying it because politically, it's current and I like keeping up on stuff. It's pretty hard to keep up on anything about the rest of the world on our BC news stations because of the drivel they consider to be news. I couldn't believe it when I reached the end of the magazine. It was like....hey?? Where did the rest of the magazine go? When did Time become less than a third as thick as it used to be?
My parents always subscribed to Time, Newsweek, National Geographic and USA Today. So in my school years, whenever I had an essay or report to write, I could pretty much cover any subject between those four magazines. Since I used them so much for research right from the time I was in elementary school, none were ever thrown out and so I had years and years of valuable material to draw from. We had both Encyclopedia Britannia and an American Encyclopedia set of course, but the magazines couldn't be beat for current events. Besides, they had pictures that I could cut out. Trust me, once my father found one small square cut out of an encyclopedia, that was the end of that!
I'm sure my teachers would have been heartily glad if my parents had never subscribed to anything more than TV Guide. Sometimes the look of horror on their faces would be priceless as I turned in yet another 5000 word essay for marking. Often they asked for only 500 words but if they asked for 2500 words or more....yee haw!! I could really get rolling on that!
Every new teacher I ever got always asked me to bring in my research material listed at the back of each essay, but they only ever did it once. The day after the request I would lug in my encyclopedias if used, and all the magazines with pages carefully marked. I know that each and every one was certain I had copied my report directly from a source, but plagiarism was a no no in my family. You read all of the research material, absorbed it, closed up the books unless quoting statistical information, and then you wrote your report, presumably with a full understanding of what you wrote. I assume the new teacher had to wade through all of the research material and then my essay, and there is no question that they would have realized exactly where I got my material from, but they wouldn't have been able to find a single copied sentence. So as I said, the teachers only ever made that mistake once. After that, I'm not sure that many of them even read my essays. Especially after I would come back with a dictionary and correct their corrections of my spelling because I spelled better than most of them as well. I think I just got an automatic A for effort. With the exception of one teacher. He was my teacher for several subjects in high school including History, English, Earth sciences, Geography, Geology and Economics. I know he read them because we always got into discussions or debates over the subject in the report. He was the best teacher I ever had.
And yes, I can see you guys sniggering into the palm of your hands going "Geeeez....She still writes too much but at least now we know where all of the long winded verbiage comes from." It's true, I know. However, the difference between you folks and my teachers in the past is that you can skip over the boring parts. You have to feel kinda sorry for my past teachers.....
Anyway, back to the question at hand. When the heck did Time Magazine go on a diet? Actually, that's not a diet, that's anorexic! I couldn't have written a one liner for a school report much less an essay based on the Time that I just read. Most of the information comes in the form of a paragraph, or short article only a page long. Man, I remember wading through pages and pages of heavy prose, trying as a twelve year old to understand what the journalist was talking about. Now, it seems as though the journalists are writing for simple minded twelve year olds. Not that I mind that part at all. If there's another poor nerd out there dragging 5000 word essays into their teacher in this day and age, then by all means, at least let the research material be easy to understand.
Boy, all I can say is how the mighty have fallen. I used to really look up to that magazine. You know? It was kind of like the New York Times. It had clout! Now? I'm pretty sure I can find more, and possibly better information in the National Enquirer. I wonder if that's how the editors of the newspapers of a 100 years ago felt when the public fell head over heels in love with the trashy Western dime novels of the day. And I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. There's so much news and information on the Internet, perhaps printing anything in a magazine is just a formality now. Tsk. Tsk.
You'll find last week's articles are at July Week Three .

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