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Wilderness Adventures - July, Week 3/2008

This is about a remote area in west central British Columbia, Canada called the West Chilcotin. Surrounded by numerous glacial mountain ranges, alpine lakes teeming with wild Rainbow Trout, and full of wildlife. Living here goes from no running water or electricity to spacious log homes with all the conveniences and without the smog!
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31/07/2008 8:13 PM


Well, that rain I asked for has finally arrived. Sort of.... It's been really cloudy all day and I swear it looks like it's trying to snow over the mountains but we haven't gotten much of anything until around supper time when it started to drizzle a little. Actually, more like misting at first but now there's enough moisture that it's actually running out of the down spout I would say that it will do wonders for our new lawn except that those poor little blades of grass are probably shivering in their roots. It never did get above 10C today and that's only 50 degrees folks! The end of July and it feels like the end of October. I don't feel so bad though. The weathermen on the news down on the Coast were complaining too.
I decided I would go for a walk today with only two layers on and was sorry. Walking out on the road with a cold breeze this afternoon exceeded the term "exhilarating". It was more like bone chilling and I couldn't wait to get on the trail in the woods on the way back. It was a lot warmer and way quieter with heavy air muffling everything. I kept a closer eye out than usual for any sign of our hairy four footed friend but even the dogs weren't zig zagging, noses to the trail, nearly as much as yesterday, nor were they as excited, indicating the scent must have been pretty fresh compared to today.
We definitely need the moisture, and a lot more than we're getting. I noticed that a lot of the wild perennial flower stalks and leaves are really coloring up all of a sudden. While frosts at night have probably had a lot to do with that, lack of moisture has probably speeded the process up. It's stick dry in the woods and I would still like to see a lot more rain than this, especially in view of the weather forecast. It looks like a big high is building in slowly off the coast and the Vancouver area is expecting hot, sunny weather for nearly a week. If that gets us as well, it sure would be nice to have the ground wet going into it.
That few days that we had last week of hot weather sure got my perennials and vegetables going. Up until then everything was just sort of sitting in the ground shivering but my garden is just bursting with flowers right now. Everything has pretty much come on at once instead of being spaced out over the summer. Weird, but pretty. I sure hope this isn't a sign of our climate to come. Mind you, Andy and Richard up at the store are praying for snow so that they can go snowmobiling again. They may just get their wish. I sure would hate to see us go back to the old days of eight months of winter and four months of poor sledding.
I was sitting in my office this morning and at one point when Andy went by the doorway I asked him what the sounds were outside. We both thought it sounded like the metal roof was popping the way it does when it starts to really warm up in the sun after a cold night. But it wasn't warming up and there was no sun, so Andy went to check and called me outside.
It was the most incredible sight. Our tall spruce tree right next to the house was just loaded with little red birds and they were knocking the green pine cones out of the tree and those were bouncing off the tin roof and onto the ground. We couldn't figure out what they were doing unless they were after bugs on or around the cones and knocking the cones off while they were at it. But it was just like a tree full of monkeys knocking coconuts off a tree to bust them and the cones were pounding the roof pretty good. Andy went over and gave the base of the tree a good kick to dislodge the birds. There must have been about fifty of them that burst out of the branches while cones rained down on Andy's head. It didn't take long and all the birds were back and he had to do it once more before they finally left for another tree. I have to remember to rake all the cones up tomorrow because I just noticed tonight that they're leaking pitch and we'll be tracking pitch in all over the floor.
I just looked up the bird after I downloaded some pictures and they were Red Crossbills. So I guess they were going for the seeds inside of the cones. Of the cones they dropped I didn't see any busted apart offhand but we'll have to take a closer look at them tomorrow. Pretty cool. A year ago we had never seen one and now we've had them at the feeder in winter and on our tree this summer so far.
I'm still struggling along with the mess my thief made of the web site so I have to get back to that. I may try to write tomorrow but if not, it probably won't be until later in the weekend because we're hosting a barbecue Saturday and it's Charlotte days out at the lake all weekend.

30/07/2008 7:10 PM

Disadvantages Of The Internet

The Internet is a wonderful miraculous thing. But like all things that start out wonderful in this world, you will inevitably have some bottom feeder come along and discover a way to rip people off. I discovered yesterday afternoon that some scumbag had stolen this website, put his own header logo on it and plastered cheap advertising on it that he's making money from when people click on it, and all under another domain name.
As you can imagine, I hit the roof. They're called scrapers and although I've read of them in my newsletters and forums, I never thought I would be exposed to one. I got into my favorite research forum and asked for help from there, and also a fellow that is an expert in this field to find out how to go about doing what I needed to do. The first being to get him off the search engines.
As with most low life crooks, none of his information in the Who Is database was anything but false. The address listed was of a nonexistent street in Riverside, California and the phone number in Illinois. He was using a company in Spain for one of the advertisements. When I contacted them they said his account had already been suspended because of fraud. He has a statistical counter in Chinese and I suspect all of the text on the site was translated into another language and the retranslated into English so that it's pretty messed up. That would prevent me from finding the duplication all that easily. I was fortunate that the folks down at Whitesaddle in Tatla Lake sent me an email telling me about it.
It looks like this slimeball has had the stolen and converted site for about a year and has been climbing in the search engines. I should have picked up on this ages ago because I knew something had to be going on since my site was dropping in the page rankings. Duplicate content on the 'Net will cause that. So rather than going to the effort of building a site and spending the years that I have on it, this piece of crap steals mine because it is up in the SERP's and uses it to make money, as well as endangers my standings with the search engines.
I spent most of last night, as did my wonderful Brother-in-law, the lawyer, firing off a Notice of Copyright Infringement to Google under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by fax and email after copying and pasting all of my pages that were under his domain name into the formal complaint. That after spending hours trying to track down who this piece of crap is. I've faxed off three more forms today to the major search engines and will end up spending many hours and days more trying to repair the damage. I wouldn't mind spending the time so much if I could ever find out who actually did it. I would take great pleasure in feeding his testicles to my dogs.
The shame of it all is that I'm not the only one he's doing this to. Information shows that he has 92 other domains and is constantly moving them around on different servers. Probably because he's constantly having his sites banned when people like me find out that he's ripped them off and contact his host to have the stolen site removed. Because if the host site doesn't remove it, then I can legally go after them for copyright infringement. Unfortunately, he'll just move the domain to another server. So my best recourse is to get that domain name banned by the search engines. In which case he'll just move my stolen material over to a different domain name. When he does that, and if I can find it, then I have to spend hours going through the whole thing again filling out the forms and faxing all of the search engines with the new information. Since each form took me at least an hour to fill out today, it's a huge waste of my time while the scumbag walks away with money generated by his ads on mine and everyone else's stolen site.
It's bad enough that we are all bombarded by spam generated on the Internet, credit information stolen, databases hacked, etc. but when you can't even safely have a business or informational site up on the Internet without it being stolen, I have to wonder how long the Internet will actually last as a viable entity. Maybe I'm just furious because I live in an area where locking your doors is just a formality and you have more to fear from the mosquitoes than you do thieves, but people that refuse to work for a living just piss me off!
On to a more pleasant subject...if you can call our weather pleasant. We had to cover my plants last night and although it didn't get below 2C, we covered them again tonight. It's been overcast for the past few days with a chilly wind and when I went for a walk today I just about froze my butt off. The dogs were really doing a lot of excited zigzagging today in and out of the woods and I figured they must be on the trail of something. Even River was trotting along with his nose to the ground instead of lagging so far behind me I often think I might have to carry his sorry butt home. It wasn't until we were about half way back on the trail through the woods that the three sets of dog noses ended at a pile of bear scat in the trees just off the footpath. He's obviously been eating berries and if the size of the scat was anything to go by, he's not a bad sized bear. I called the dogs off and walked on, while the bear must have continued away from there through the trees because the dogs weren't nearly as excited about sniffing along for scent anymore. He was probably checking over at Rainbow Lodge for fish innards and was eating berries along the way. The wild strawberries are coming right along and the soap berry bushes are just laden with jewel red fruit this year.
I'm hoping we'll either get some rain or the weather will warm up but it's probably a vain hope. According to the weathermen, it looks like a couple more days of cool temperatures and low pressure systems rolling through before there's any hope of it warming up.
The weatherman was saying yesterday that Vancouver had received less than a millimeter of rain for seven weeks, and then had a record rainfall of 15mm on July 29th. I think he said that 1969 was the last time anything close to that had been recorded. Now that's not a lot of rain by any stretch of the imagination, but I wonder if that's what caused the rock slide on Highway 99 going to Whistler last night? Man, that was massive! It looks like the whole rock face slid away and then shattered and broke apart when it impacted the road. Those boulders are huge and I would be awfully surprised if they have the highway open in a week considering the state of the train track. I imagine that the pavement beneath has been blasted back to gravel. Considering that Squamish, Whistler, and all points between are cut off, it's amazing to me that there is no alternative backup plan for the Olympics in 2010. An eight hour drive to Vancouver if you have to go all the way around, or a $2000 flight for what would normally be an hour's drive, doesn't seem like a very viable alternative should there be a rock slide then. But then what do I know?

28/07/2008 8:49 PM

The Wrong Stuff

It's a good thing that there are still remarkably helpful people out there. Heidy friend has had to pull my fat out of the fryer yet again. Apparently I was way off on my translation of the navigational menu that I described yesterday and I get the impression it was worth a good laugh. She was kind enough to send along a correct translation of not just what I did but of the whole menu, which is wonderful! Now no more people in Europe can fall off of their chairs laughing at my pitiful efforts. However, it was not my intention to interrupt her chores to fix up my mistakes just because I was eager to link all of the translated pages to this site. But as I said, we are lucky with the helpful people we call neighbours here.
Michael, another reader of these articles, confirmed my suspicion that the Vancouverites stole our good weather today, leaving us with another grey day where it kept trying to mist off and on. It would be nice if it would just rain and get it over with. We could use the moisture so I don't mind that, but if it's not going to rain then let the sun shine. I'm freezing my heinie off and had to start a fire in the wood stove today! It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that it clears off in the evening and threatens to frost overnight. We really have to convince the weather gods that things need to be reversed!
Michael also made a suggestion for drawing more people to the area in summer that is actually quite a neat idea. He suggested a Poker Run and mentioned that most are held by people that ride motorcycles, but that they can be long distance and draw a lot of people. As he said:
"These runs have prizes and money in them. So the entry fee say $10 per entry x 2000 entries $20,000 plus stuff donated by participating locations. So for best time, no speeding, best hand, best costume, best anything your group thinks of gives the riders prizes. Some of these rides in the USA coincide with other events like Daytona, World Series, Super Bowl, Calgary stampede, PNE etc."
I think it's a wonderful idea but I think we would have to expand on it a bit. If we limit it to motorcycle riders, I believe we limit ourselves to only a small number of participants, simply because of our location and condition of our pavement. Our new seal coat section is not liked by a lot of motorcycle riders. However, if we expanded on Michael's idea, we might get somewhere! Why not simply make it a Poker Run? Motorcycles, vintage cars, show cars all welcome. If yours is not one of the above, then either it must be decorated or the occupants must be in costume. If we took Michael's suggestion of tying it into a major event, then perhaps we could make that the Bella Coola Music Festival which occurred last weekend. It's a great draw, it will bring attention to the Festival, bring people to our area, and could be loads of fun! The added benefit for participants is that Highway 20 is not a busy highway, so in some respects, it would be a safer drive than many other highways would be. That means we could have Poker stops all the way along....I'm just kind of brainstorming here as I type...but you know, it just might work! Of course, Mike probably doesn't realize this but when you make a suggestion requiring a lot of work in this country that gets taken up on, you get to be the main event organizer...:-) !!
Either way, it's a cool idea and deserves to be kicked around a bit. And why not? Lower Mainland Tourism is getting pretty proactive with their industry. Tourism is down at least 6% in the Vancouver and Victoria area so they are offering to pay the BC Ferries fare to the Island to callers, if those folks stay in a hotel over in Victoria for two nights. It's quite a savings and quite an incentive to draw folks in that are weary of high fuel costs this summer. Perhaps we all need to stop sitting on our laurels, and what Mother Nature gave us naturally, and actually work at drawing in visitors to our respective areas. There's a lot of competition out there for visitors.
27/07/2008 8:14 PM

Weather Change

We're finally seeing a shift in our weather now. Yesterday was a little overcast and really nothing to write home about. By this morning it had rained quite a bit overnight, or at least enough to wet things down a bit. Not a bad thing really, when you take into consideration just how dry we really are. Most of the day was overcast and of course that helps to keep things cool. Besides, it meant not having to drag around water hoses today. Of course that also meant I had no excuse to not work on the computer today.
My friend, Heidy, over at Charlotte Lake has translated quite a few pages of this site into German now, and while I've had them up, I haven't really had a cohesive link to them. I know that she's quite busy and so I decided to try my hand at translating part of the navigation system and I'll get her to check it over when she gets time. Since I don't entirely trust the online translation systems, I decided to try to guess which word she used that would best describe the page and then checked it on the online translation. Sometimes my guess was way off. Sometimes not. So I'm hoping that the links are correct and if you are German and they're not....don't laugh too hard. While I like to do things right, this is a busy time of year for everyone so sometimes you just have to suck it up until there's time for correction.
Right now, I'm looking at changing the news headlines on the German translated home page, but what to put on there? I'm not sure if Europeans would have any interest in reading news from Canada or British Columbia or not. In any case, if anyone wants to go look at the new creation, there are nine pages translated so far and you can tell which ones those are once you are on the Deutsch index page at by looking at the navigation at the left. (The exception is the Tweedsmuir Park page which has been translated, but the link name on the navigation on the left is unchanged.) If nothing else, I find it fun to read through the text and see how many words I can guess the meaning of.
Naturally, we all realize that the English language has stolen much from the European languages, French and German probably being the predominant ones. Spanish too I suppose, among others. It's fascinating to study words and see how close some of them are to the English versions. Or maybe my interest lies in the fact that I know what the English text is on this site because I wrote it, so it's wonderful to see it become something else entirely. In any case, my thanks to Heidy!
We have something we have never seen before on the lake. Seagull babies. I'm sure folks down on the Coast have seen lots, but neither Andy nor I could recall seeing anything like that here before. I wondered because the seagulls were making quite a racket across the bay the other day, wheeling around a place where the summer residents have just come in. I heard the birds but never thought much of it, I just assumed that folks over there had been cleaning their fish in the water and left the innards behind. But after Andy noticed the little guys with the adults, it became pretty obvious that they may have been the reason for all the complaining at the intruders.
We also have some baby hawks flying around as a result of that pair I mentioned this spring that were mating over at the neighbours. At least there's certainly been an increase in numbers flitting over our heads every time we walk in that direction, and some are quite small. I nearly ran over one turning into our driveway yesterday. He was sitting on the ground and in no hurry to move! I can only assume he had just killed something.
It doesn't look like we're going to have very great weather now for the next few days, and if that's the case, I suppose I'll be stuck on the computer more. In which case, I'll try to get back to a more regular blog.

24/07/2008 8:49 PM

Car Show

One of my neighbours has sent me an email asking me to spread the word about a car show to be held in Nimpo Lake on August 15. I'll just quote his email:
"One of the Resort Owners (Donn Irwin of "the Dean on Nimpo) has decided to host an impromptu Car Show Sat. Aug 15. I've been asked to help out. Various cars from Williams Lake, 100 Mile House and a few from Quesnel have indicated they'll be coming. Nimpo Lake is located 200 miles West of Williams Lake, approx. 30 miles from the infamous Bella Coola Hill and 75 miles from Bella Coola itself.
Treat yourself to the scenic drive along Hwy 20 to Nimpo Lake. There are 800 lakes within 50 miles of Nimpo, also know as the "Floatplane capital of BC. I'll be showing my Stealth R/T TT, My 440 Duster and my sc'd Viper. May even bring out the custom 84 Turbo Daytona. I've also been asked to provide Photo services on the Lakefront for entrants wishing pics of their cars in this unique setting - at the moment it's bring your own Models.
Flightseeing of our Glaciers, Rainbow Mtns, Hunlen Falls (one of the highest waterfalls in the world), Turner Lake & Lonesome Lake chains will also be available. The fishing at Nimpo Lake has been fantastic this year and boats will be available as well.
The host Resort has a Restaurant on site. Stewart's Lodge is the home of Tweedsmeer Air Services. Wilderness Rim is partially owned by Pioneer Log Homes (largest Log Home builder in the world) and features a $15,000 'tree fort' in the yard. Resorts BC and I also have a guest cabin each (with full amentities) on the lakefront for rent. No bottled water here as we have the healthiest water on the Planet. Even the lake water tastes better than plastic bottled. - Ted Hlokoff."

So there you go! If you have a car you think worthy of a car show, bring it on out. If you don't, come on out anyway! It's nice that someone is taking the initiative to get some new activities happening here. Of course this kind of thing would not have been held here ten or twelve years ago when we still had 60 miles of gravel to get here, but that's progress for you!
We were blessed with another remarkable day with pure sunshine and a lot of heat! Andy went fourwheeling with the guys to clean up more trail today and discovered a couple of meadows that he thinks will be awesome for doing turns on a snowmobile this winter. That meant I had the day to myself with chores to do but I still got to putter around outside doing a bunch of watering and some weeding. And since it was way too hot to walk the dogs today, I took them out this evening. We had to move pretty fast though because it was late enough for the bugasaurs to start coming out in force.
I got feedback from a reader who commented on how uncomfortable the seats are in their new vehicle as well. I won't describe the vehicle since I didn't get permission to reprint the comments, but it sure is nice to know that it isn't the wild imagination of just a few of us regarding how crippling the seats are in vehicles manufactured in recent years. I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't someplace a person can comment and be heard by the auto manufacturers. After all, with the present and forecast economic climate, competition for car buyers will become tough. Maybe they'll smarten up and start building for the people. If anyone knows where to complain, please let me know!
23/07/2008 8:55 PM

Two Beauties in a Row

It's pretty hard to beat our weather right now. We've actually had a couple of beautiful days in a row. Yesterday morning there was frost on the ground but somehow all of my plants escaped unscathed. The temperature was supposed to drop down again last night but I don't think it even got close to freezing. We just had too warm a day yesterday. Today was hotter than Hades in the sun but since I was outside most of the day, I didn't think to check the thermometer.
I would really like to see a few more super sunny days like what we've had. My plants sure are liking it and the new lawn doesn't seem to mind the warmth either. And the more hot weather we get, the more we can hope to burn off the skeeters. Not that it's happened yet. They're still hiding in the shady spots and aren't that hard to find, but at least you can walk into the cool of the garage now and not be swarmed, and a walk in the woods isn't bad either, so they must be getting better.
I got some Thompson Water Seal on the new fence today. Now I just need to find a protective coat to seal the logs from the sun's rays because I don't want them to turn gray with age. I know they talk about that nice gray patina that cedar fades to in the hoity toity gardening magazines, but frankly, to me it just looks old.
We went out fishing for about an hour last night but a stiff breeze blew up and the waves on Nimpo pushed us around quite a bit because all we were using was the electric motor. It got pretty cool and a little uncomfortable because there's still a lot of chill coming off that water. Still, Andy pulled in a beautiful rainbow in the bay in front of our house just before we came in, so at least we didn't get skunked. We probably should have gone out a lot earlier in the evening when it was warmer, and we could have stayed out longer.
I just got a phone call and found out that friends of ours will not be able to come up and stay for a couple of weeks as we have been planning for half a year. It's really disappointing, but apparently they went on a short 200 mile trip in their newest vehicle a week ago, and it just about killed their backs. Both are elderly but have always traveled quite a bit by vehicle and never had a problem before. However, they're pretty sure that it must be the seats in the car that are causing the problem. That doesn't surprise me. The seats in our truck, and the truck before that kill my back. I usually nearly fall out of the vehicle every time we stop because I'm so seized up. We've noticed that the seats are getting harder and harder as the vehicles get newer, yet I can ride for thousands of miles in my old '91 pickup and the seats are great. We were talking to my Mother a week or so ago and she said she found the same problem with their new truck. The late 90's truck had decent seats, the 2003 was more uncomfortable, and their brand new truck, (all identical in make and model) is so hard on her back that she has to stop every hour or two or she's crippled up from riding any distance. We've even complained to our Ford dealer because we don't want to buy a new vehicle until we can be assured that they've improved the quality of seats. Hasn't done much good though. The best we can figure is that the auto manufacturers have sourced a cheaper seat
for their vehicles and would rather save money and disregard the comfort of their buyers. As my friend said tonight, it would seem we're going backwards. Indeed we are. I'm pretty sure the old Model T's were more comfortable to ride in than our truck, modern suspension or not!
The property I mentioned on the last blog is listed now, so if you're interested in a place on Anahim Lake, you can find the information on the Properties for Sale page.

21/07/2008 9:29 PM

Outside Day

I've been working on something time sensitive for a client, but since I didn't get the information I needed this morning I got to work outside for part of the day.
Andy and I decided we were going to take on a small fence building project to protect part of the lawn and septic system from people driving into the yard. Previously, there were some very rotten old logs doing the job, which we replaced with a couple of extra beetle killed trees last year. The bark was still on and peeling off, so they were nearly as ugly as their predecessors.
Every time a green tree fell over in the yard last year after losing the windbreak from so many beetle killed trees, Andy would cut it up into lengths and I would peel the bark off immediately while the peeling was good. I don't know if either of us had a set design in mind for a fence, we just knew we needed one in that spot. I guess I had imagined a post and pole fence which would have required treating the bottoms of the posts, while Andy had figured on more of a snake fence idea. We decided to go with the latter, even though neither of us have ever built one before, but we figured, hey, if the old timers around here could do it, we could do it.
The only thing I'm more than familiar with building is ranch style barbed wire and post, or for horses, smooth wire or pole. It's taken us a few days of an hour here and an hour there and we always seem to be doing it in the hottest part of the day, but we've muddled through. The end result is surprisingly spiffy looking, even if we didn't know what we were doing. Besides, not only did it beat being stuck on the computer on a beautiful day, but it's just one more thing off of our humungous list of projects to do.
This for my smart ass of a sister. I finally grew a zucchini big enough to eat! It was kind of a funny looking thing and I won't say what Andy suggested it resembled, but we had it for supper and it tasted quite fine! I finally had a male flower and female flower on my plant at the same time again so I pollinated them with a Q tip today in the hopes that I'll luck out and get another zucchini. I sure would like to know why the bees and other bugs aren't doing their jobs! Noooo, they would rather have their noses in the flowers. Word to the wise, if you don't have a lot of bees, don't have a gazillion perennials flowering at the same time as your veggies. The veggies will lose out.
I have a property coming up for sale on Anahim Lake and the one on Eagle Lake is no longer for sale. I'm not sure if I will get the new property listed tonight or not, and I have only two pictures, but I'll try to get it loaded up tomorrow.....unless it's a nice day....:-)
We had some really wild winds yesterday, making it a real challenge for some of the visiting pilots to get off the lake or runway and head home. One split his prop but other than that, there were no disasters. Had it not been for the wind, it would have been a really beautiful day yesterday too. Today was a humdinger and almost too hot for awhile. Then the wind switched and it cooled down pretty quickly this evening. I had to wear a couple of layers on my walk tonight.
Andy is walking the dogs in the morning, and I try to in the evening, both of us hoping we can wear off some of the energy that the new pup has. Not that we're succeeding. But I wonder if so much traffic on the trail in the backwoods is keeping the wild animals at bay, or if they've just moved on because it's too hot. Where I saw deer and moose tracks before, there hasn't been anything for a while now. With the wild strawberries and soapberries ripening up I would have expected to see a bear track somewhere in the dusty spots, but I haven't seen a thing. And there's getting to be quite a few dusty spots. Every day that we don't have dew, the ground gets drier.
The Lower Mainland has seen next to nothing for moisture in the month of July where 47mm is the norm and I see that there's a fire burning near a town in the Kootenays. I'm actually surprised that they haven't had more fires before this because they've had hot weather for months now. If this keeps up we should see fires breaking out all over the province pretty soon. That'll keep my sister busy. At least she'll have less time to comment on my lack of zucchini.

19/07/2008 12:59 PM

Floatplane Meeting

You can tell it's the BC Floatplane Association's AGM this weekend. There's been lots of airplane traffic in the skies and on Nimpo Lake for the last day or so. It's a little quieter this afternoon because all of the pilots are in the meeting and will now be listening to the speakers. One of which is the guy from Wings Over Canada, and the other is Charles Russel himself of grizzly bear fame. Now he's a guy that would be interesting to talk to! Perhaps I'll get to meet him tonight at the supper for which I am helping to provide some salads, so this won't be a long post.
Most of the planes are at the other end of Nimpo Lake and of course, I forgot to send Andy with the camera, but we've seen some interesting ones on this end as well. There was one beauty that came in last night and crossed in front of our place. I don't have any idea what it was, but it was as white as snow, and was some sort of amphib with a pontoon under it and a couple of small ones on the wings.
We have an interesting day today. It's been trying to rain out there all morning but hasn't really dropped a lot of moisture on the ground. What little there is might help with the forest fire danger though, which may be going to high or extreme any time now. While everything is pretty green, probably because of the cool summer up until this past week, the woods are super crunchy. Smoke started rolling in yesterday evening and has pretty much obscured the mountains again and we had a big, fat orange moon rise over the horizon last night. Since our breeze was from the north for awhile, maybe the Itcha Ulgatchuz fire has kicked up again. Or maybe something has started up around the Nazko or Blackwater area since that's such a bad area for thunderstorms and lightning strikes.
I mentioned in the last article that the US banks and housing market are in serious trouble as we all know, but Canada's housing isn't so hot now either. Sales are down all across the western provinces, but on the news the other night it noted that housing is down around 40% on the Lower Mainland. A far cry from the buying craze of only a year ago that has made it virtually impossible for first time home buyers to get into that market anymore. Realtors down there have made it clear that it is now a buyer's market for the first time in this century.
I have friends in Saskatchewan that very much want to move from Yorkton to the Kootenays (Lower southeastern part of the province for those of you that don't live in Canada.) but have stated that housing prices there have skyrocketed there in the last few years. Not long ago it was probably one of the most affordable places to buy in BC besides in the far north, but Albertans making good money in the oil fields have been buying summer homes there like crazy, because property is so expensive in Alberta. People retiring from their jobs in the Lower Mainland have also been buying there because the Okanagan has been too expensive for a some time now for folks on a limited income.
My friends have a unique opportunity in that they can sell their home in Saskatchewan for quite a bit more than they paid for it, pay off all of their debts, and still have a hefty sum for a down payment. For the first time in many, many years, Saskatchewan's housing market has been booming, but I suspect that won't last for long. I tried to convince my friends that they should sell now before Saskatchewan's housing market begins to drop off as well. Go to the Kootenays, and rent for now. I think that prices will drop there in the near future, by a substantial amount. So this post is actually a reminder in writing to myself that I can check back on in a year or so and see if the following prediction comes true.
You see, China and India may be coming online as huge fuel consumers, because a new working class of Chinese have been created that have suddenly been able to afford vehicles. That's come about because of all the manufacturing in China. And where do a lot of those goods go? North America. So allegedly, the reason why we have such high fuel prices is because there is such high demand in China. If that's the case, what happens when manufacturing plants there have to shut down or cut back employees because there is no longer the insane consumerism in North America that we have seen in the past decade? If there's a recession or depression in North America, it is going to have a global effect. If people all over the world are forced to stop buying so much, China will have to stop manufacturing so much.
If that happens, then I think that China's and India's fuel consumption will drop dramatically. If demand is down, what happens to supply? Price drop.
The oil sands in Alberta rely on high prices for fuel, (I don't remember exactly but I think it's $90 or $110 per barrel.) for it to be economically feasible to produce oil from the sands, since it's so much more costly than extracting from oil wells. If there is a substantial drop in the price of oil, then the oil sands will be affected. That means layoffs and cutbacks and that means a lot of summer homes in the Kootenays may go up for sale. More supply and less demand means lower housing prices. And I figure if my friends can wait it out, they can purchase their dream home or bed and breakfast in the Kootenays for an affordable price in a just a couple of years or less. However, it is just a prediction on my part based on a pretty convoluted way of thinking and I hardly expect my friends to make a decision of that magnitude on my prediction. Besides, they're a very impulsive couple and I don't think they have the patience to wait it out. In addition to that, they're pretty sure that they have a couple of more years of housing prices continuing to rise in Saskatchewan so they don't want to sell their home too soon and risk leaving more money on the table. I sympathize with them since that's what happened to them when they sold their home in Calgary, but I don't think they have another two years of rising prices.
I hope things work out as well as they possibly can for my friends, but I'm especially curious to see if the Kootenays property market plays out as I have predicted.
Okay, gotta go chop food. You'll find last week's articles, including the one about the American housing crisis at
July Week Two .

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